The beautiful nature at Zázrivá has always attracted people. Many visitors and residents think that the region around Zázrivá is one of the most beautiful ones in Slovakia.

Zázrivá is situated at the picturesque environment of the Northern Slovakia at the Lower Orava region, occupying three mountain units – Kysucká vrchovina , Oravská Magura and Malá Fatra. The dominant features towering over Zázrivá are the peaks Veľký Rozsutec 1 610 m above sea level and Malý Rozsutec 1 343 m above sea level. The altitude of Zázrivá is 600 m above sea level and its area is 67 250 km2.

There is a number of meadows and pastures, but also steep slopes, waterfalls, pools, brooks, the village is enveloped by spruce and beech woods and even by scrub pine woods. Zázrivá includes 11 valleys: Biela, Plešivá, Dolina, Ráztoky, Grúne, Petrová , Demkovská, Havrania , Kozínska, Končitá, Ústredie. Each of these valleys offers extraordinary experience from the Orava nature. You can fund a genuine Orava sheep chalet in some parts of the settlements in Zázrivá with a flock of sheep and watch how sheep milk is made and processed using an original tradition inherited from one generation to another, such as cooking whey of sheep milk, production of cheese and smoked cheese (oštiepok)…

The beautiful environment of Zázrivá inspired a number of film directors who shot many famous films here, such as Jánošík, Tisícročná včela, Perinbaba, Vianoce Adama Boronču zo Zázrivej, Želary. Zázrivá is famous also by production of a popular delicacy of its visitors – Zázrivské korbáčiky (cheese braids from Zázrivá).

Visitors can go hiking, biking, bathing, rafting, horse-riding, skiing or snowboarding in winter or they can engage in many other activities.